Boeing and Cabin Air Quality: Everything Is Fine, But Here Is A Big Pile Of Cash Anyway.

MSNBC News had an interesting report on Boeing settling over cabin air quality with a flight attendant:

A former flight attendant is believed to be the first person in the U.S. to settle a lawsuit against the Boeing Co. over what she claims is faulty aircraft design that allowed toxic fumes to reach the cabin, triggering tremors, memory loss and severe headaches.

Of course Boeing still claims:

…that cabin air is safe to breathe and studies by independent researchers have consistently shown that existing systems for providing cabin air to passengers and crew meet applicable health and safety standards.

So according to Boeing the cabin air is safe but nonetheless, here Ms. Flight Attendant, please take what is presumably a large sum of money for your time and effort.

My guess is that Boeing isn’t a particularly litigious company and that they would prefer to pay out some cash rather than get a bunch of lawyers involved.

I just wish that more people & companies would just act like Boeing and admit they are right but nonetheless pay when others say they are wrong. That is a perfect system.

BTW Boeing, I’m pretty sure your planes have given me a bad case of “Uromysitisis“. I’ll expect my seven figure check ASAP. Thanks!

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