Foreclosure Firm Discovers That Instant Karma Will Actually Get You

According to the, the Steven J. Baum P.C. law firm, which was also the company whose employees dressed up as homeless people at a Halloween party in 2010 is closing.

Some may claim this is an example of the “pc police” ruining lives, however it should be noted that last year a state judge in Brooklyn called one of the company’s foreclosure’s “incredible, outrageous, ludicrous and disingenuous.”

There was also the small matter of the firm paying the federal government a $2 million penalty as a result of their unscrupulous business practices.

I hope they saved those Halloween costumes, as some of the laid off employees will no doubt soon be referring to them as “everyday wear”.

One thought on “Foreclosure Firm Discovers That Instant Karma Will Actually Get You

  1. LOL!!!!! I remember that story from one of the new shows. I guess sometimes people do get what they deserve, unless you were an underling at the company who never even went to the party.

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