What Kind Of Brownies Was He Baking To Think His Idea Would Make Money?

Good News Friday!

And how do I get the recipe, because according to CNN Money apparently the world does need a new and improved brownie pan. As the story goes, soon to be owner of a multi-million dollar business Mark Smith was baking brownies one night when inspiration struck,

“I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Wow, the corner brownies are the best in the pan and nobody even talks about it,’ “

Mr. Smith is right, no one is talking about it and that is just sad. All the news  talks about is war, famine, corporate greed, natural disasters, etc. but nothing ever about how crazy it is that we are forced to eat the middle part of the brownie. I know we are a strong people, however we can only take so much and thanks to Mark Smith’s invention all American’s now have affordable access to brownie edges.

So head on over to Baker’s Edge to “Get Your Brownie Edge-u-Cation!” today.

BTW, feel free to use the “Get Your Brownie Edge-u-Cation!” slogan. No charge. Our gift to you.

5 thoughts on “What Kind Of Brownies Was He Baking To Think His Idea Would Make Money?

  1. This kind of reminds me of the “muffin top” episode on Seinfeld. I’m surprised that has never actually been tried.

    I now want the lasagna pan they have.

  2. i’ve always enjoyed a good brownie. Now after using my brownie pan i can have some ‘za? Greatest corporation and product ever. i am proud to be an ‘merican, red white and blue.

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