Trump Cuts Child Poverty Rate From 16,400,000 to 16,399,990!

Billionaire Donald Trump, at the bequest of Newt Gingrich, has agreed to help ten poor children in New York City. As Trump explained it:

“He(Newt Gingrich) did mention if I could do something for some of the kids in very, very poor schools throughout the city. I thought it was a great idea. We call it an apprenticeship, and I think we all know about “The Apprentice.” We’re going to be picking 10, young, wonderful children, and we’re going to make them ‘apprenti.’ “

Unfortunately, according to US Census figures there were 16.4 million children living in poverty in 2010. As such, the Gingrich/Trump plan will only lower the number of children living in poverty from 16.4 million to 16.4 million minus ten in 2012. Not exactly a comprehensive solution to a serious problem. But at least as Trump points out, “We’re going to have a little fun with it”. Yes! Finally someone who understands that poverty can be fun, extra fun I suspect when you don’t have to worry where your next meal is going to come from.

Wouldn’t it have been more productive if Trump had simply taken $100 million of his own money and started a foundation to help poor children? For example, The Gates Foundation gives out over $3 billion every year. Yet while Bill and Melinda seem to only seek the spotlight when it is in the best interests of their foundation, I certainly would not be surprised to see Trump throw himself a parade if he ever actually put a penny in the tray instead of always taking one.

If you think I am being too hard on Trump, I am not, as his record of charitable giving is appalling. Check out why The Smoking Gun called  ”Trump: The Least Charitable Billionaire” and a “miser” based on its review of source material from his “charitable” foundation.

Also, what advice is Trump really going to give to children living in poverty?

  • Make sure you are born into a fabulously wealthy family, but, always pretend that you are a self made man.
  • Don’t worry about screwing up a business/marriage as you can always just file for bankruptcy/divorce. Repeat as necessary.
  • Always put “style” over substance.

As responsible adults, we should advise all children of New York City to be on alert for a shady looking guy driving around in a limo asking if you want to be an “apprenti”. If you see this man, avoid eye contact, run home, lock the doors and pray for the unfortunate ten children he will inevitably exploit for his amusement and further self promotion.

7 thoughts on “Trump Cuts Child Poverty Rate From 16,400,000 to 16,399,990!

  1. Are you serious? Donald Trump IS a success story.

    Why can’t he do whatever he wants with his money? Does anyone tell you that you MUST give money to charity? Plus he has given over 4 million through his foundation since the nineties. When is enough enough?
    Trump doesn’t support welfare and you attack him. Please go back to the communist country you came from.
    I’ll stay here and never ever apologize for my country!

  2. Why do they need a facebook page?

    Isn’t showing trump/gingrich as frauds good enough. I’m adie hard INDEPENDENT, but newton is not on my list of possible options. btw, f’ trump…..

  3. Mr. Gingrich is a politician, not a businessman, what do the two have in common? Just kidding!

    I don’t want to pile on but is trump the least american person in this country?


    richard dawson was slightly creepy but to his credit he always go the girl.

  4. Thank you corporate mal for showing me that all i have to do is be a self promoter, be extraordinarily selfish, and still be considered a patriotic american. Both my parents worked their whole lives helping the less fortunate but now “THE DONALD” is making a mockery of their work by pretending that he cares about anyone or anything other than himself. As you mentioned in another post, i can only hope that karma exists. Or not since hoping for that might actually lead to bad karma for me. Now I cry.

    • some of you on this bored are just stupid ignorant welfare hippies. get off the streets, get a job an actual education and stop always complainiing. i’ve worked 22 years in the trades and raised a kid while most of you seem to only understand how to bleep off on the computer. i’m a self made man and proud of it minus any goverment help or handouts. libtards are jokes. mr. Gingrich is 100000000000000000000000000000000% right

  5. I agree with the site post. Helping only 10 kids seems insincere, esp. because he also plugged his show… It’s all grandstanding & “look at me.” If there was a sincere wish to help, don’t tie it back to your show, and make this a pilot effort for a larger program, or donate money to a charity that already helps children.

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