Rick Perry Determined To Receive A GOP “Certificate of Participation”

After struggling to receive 1% of the vote in both Iowa and New Hampshire and early polling in South Carolina not trending positively, it is now clear that Texas Governor Rick Perry is more committed than ever to receiving a GOP Presidential Nominee “Certificate of Participation”. CorporateMal.com believes that politician Perry will have to make it through the Florida primary on January 31st to qualify for this certificate.

If You See Something, Say Nothing!

1 in 5 corporate whistleblowers experienced some form of retaliation as a result of trying to do the right and ethical thing in fighting corporate corruption according to a report released by the Ethics Resource Center.

So I guess the next time you see someone skimming a little off the top, just make sure to get your cut.

Boeing Flexes Their Job Creator Muscles By Laying Off 2,160 Workers

Boeing Corporation announced that they will shut down their Wichita, Kansas business operations by the end of 2013 resulting in the loss of 2,160 jobs. Of course what choice did they really have after only making $3.3 billion in 2010 and handing out $19.7 million in compensation to CEO James McNerney.

As long as we have “job creators” like Boeing helping the economy, how can anyone criticize the top 1%?