If You See Something, Say Nothing!

1 in 5 corporate whistleblowers experienced some form of retaliation as a result of trying to do the right and ethical thing in fighting corporate corruption according to a report released by the Ethics Resource Center.

So I guess the next time you see someone skimming a little off the top, just make sure to get your cut.

One thought on “If You See Something, Say Nothing!

  1. I could see how hard it would be to be a “whistleblower.” I’d be afraid of the corporations always winning out – they have all the $ and power. What does the worker have? Fears of getting fired, their name smeared, not being able to get a job somewhere else… Corporations need more EXTERNAL oversight…to protect the 99%… Too many corporations, CEO’s etc. get away with a lot, then when they get fired, still get a ton of $…

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