Rick Perry Determined To Receive A GOP “Certificate of Participation”

After struggling to receive 1% of the vote in both Iowa and New Hampshire and early polling in South Carolina not trending positively, it is now clear that Texas Governor Rick Perry is more committed than ever to receiving a GOP Presidential Nominee “Certificate of Participation”. CorporateMal.com believes that politician Perry will have to make it through the Florida primary on January 31st to qualify for this certificate.

2 thoughts on “Rick Perry Determined To Receive A GOP “Certificate of Participation”

  1. Well out of all the things people say about him – they can’t say he’s not tenacious…or maybe he needs a medical exam…test his eyesight, listening & comprehension skills…?

  2. Rick Perry is “literally” going through his campaign cash at the speed of light. Thankfully for Romney this is not the strongest GOP nominee field.

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