Will Trump Demand To See Golf’s Scottish Birth Certificate?

Check out the trailer below for the new documentary You’ve Been Trumped by director Anthony Baxter. It chronicles Trump’s company’s building of a golf course(s) and resort ¬†against the wishes of the Scottish locals in an environmentally sensitive area that has been called “Scotland’s Rain Forest.”

Ironically, the whole project may come to a grinding halt because of a proposed offshore wind farm that Trump has described as “an ugly industrial park directly off the shoreline.” I guess Trump feels that he has first dibs on “uglying up” the unspoiled shoreline. While the merits of wind farms can be debated, is this the real reason for him threatening to stop the project or is he just looking to save face for another failed and bad business venture?

2 thoughts on “Will Trump Demand To See Golf’s Scottish Birth Certificate?

  1. I can’t wait to see this movie! Donnie the Birther might actually try to claim that golf was born in Hawaii or something.

  2. Someone in Scotland must have agreed to sell the land legally, so while not a big fan of trump or golf, I don’t see what he did wrong.

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