Groupon Should Offer 50% Off SEC Fines

The reported  that Groupon is being investigated for unusual stock trading activity right before the company released positive financial information. The stock actually rose 18.5% percent from its previous close and trading volume was around 4 times the 30 day average just before the good news was released to the public. It is still not clear if the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) is going to investigate this possible corporate financial irregularity.

2 thoughts on “Groupon Should Offer 50% Off SEC Fines

  1. It sort of seems like groupon is going to be remembered as a fad or something if they don’t change up the business model. It was cool when it first started but now it seems like it is always more trouble then it is worth to use the groupon. I do wish them well but maybe all these corporate troubles are just a sign of what is to come.

  2. Groupon is a corporation based on bad 1990s economic thinking. How do I get people to give me cash for a crazy business idea? Can they contact me at corporate mal? I prefer cash.

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