KitchenAid Has Twitter Followers?

Sure some slacker forgot to log out of the KitchenAid account before sending a tweet about the President’s dead grandmother. Who cares? The big story here is that KitchenAid actually has thousands of Twitter followers. What blender news could they possibly be tweeting in 140 characters or less that 25,000 people feel the need to instantly know. Then again, at last check CorporateMal had ~6 Twitter followers, so be on the look out for our upcoming expose on the hidden dangers of “brownie batter splatter.”

Tucker Carlson’s Race Bait and Video Switch

Tucker Carlson’s tabloid site The Daily Caller tried to drum up a little controversy last night by releasing a “new video” that they claimed would change the election. Unfortunately, this was a complete bait and switch as the video was five years old. It also contained absolutely nothing new or of interest to anyone who is not trying to win this election through race baiting and fear mongering.


Fox News Claims Sole Right To Media Bias and Distortion

In a recent series of articles on various contributors have been attempting to point out how the mainstream media is promoting a liberal agenda.

I would call this an extreme case of the pot calling the kettle black but I’m afraid that Fox would just claim that I’m trying to play the race card.