A Virgin Dot? We Think Not! A Sweet Scandal Awaits The New Pontiff

UPDATE: It appears that common sense has ruled the day. The “winning bidder” only has one bit of Ebay feedback, which in this type of auction is usually a pretty good indication of a fake/shill bid.

A couple in Turner, Maine made news recently with their discovery of a piece of Dots candy in the form of the Virgin Mary. Desmond and Amy Duguay claimed that they purchased a box of Dots candy at a local Rite Aid drug store and as a joke, putĀ  “The Dot” on the Ebay auction block. At last check it was apparently God’s will that this piece of divine dental destruction should sell in excess of $200. And who said the American Dream was dead?

Corporate Mal did, that’s who! We have uncovered evidence of a possible Dot fraud the likes of which has not been seen since Groupon tried to convice us all to buy their stock for half off the retail price, today only!

The Evidence(ish)

The Virgin Mary Dot as presented on Ebay:

A Dot Candy in the form of the Virgin Mary

A Virgin Dot?

A Virgin Mary Mold as sold on Ebay:

Or Virgin Not?

Now there is no way to know for sure what the real story is behind this piece of piousness. However, we can all agree that as long as there are people like the Duguays and a candy like Dots, America will always be the undisputed leader in delicious delusional devotions.

11 thoughts on “A Virgin Dot? We Think Not! A Sweet Scandal Awaits The New Pontiff

  1. Too bad that Hostess is out of business cuz the fun anyone could have with twinkie, ding dong, and ho ho make this look like nothing.

  2. Welp looks like the jig is up! You’ve blown the case wide open! Just for the record… the box of DOTS was purchased at a RiteAid pharmacy in Auburn, ME. The box was un-opened until I started eating the DOTS. In no way was this DOT altered by my doing or since being in my possession. The ONLY explaination is devine intervention. The DOT is still for sale for an unbelievable low bid of $215.00. Bid high and bid often! ‘Murica!!!

    • so is this saying the mold is the mold that made this DOT? if you know anything about molds , it NOT the DOT……

  3. LOL! I dunno who to believe. Maybe ya’ll should head to Judge Judy and let her figure it out. RIP, Rusty the Bailiff

  4. This is an authentic find, ask anyone who knows Desmond. He is honest well liked person of our town. Ask anyone!

    • @Aunt Jeanne, I have no doubt that Desmond is very well liked in the community. In fact, I think he and I would probably get along quite well. Viva La Dot! Still a hoax though…

    • No. The crack staff at CorporateMal.com believes that the body of the mold is about 3/4″ which would match the contours of a molded dot.

      • Bahaha, you have to be kidding me. You guys spend your time looking at molds and trying to prove that the dot was replicated. Perhaps you should bring Your Virgin Mary mold to their house and see if it fits rather than guessing!!!! Way to solve a case! NOT!

  5. The dot is real, people. Get a grip! There is also a newly listed Virgin Mary Chip currently on eBay. That’s not fake either.

  6. So after all this the Duguays get nothing? The “winning bidder” has only one bit of feeback which is a pretty good indication of a fake Ebay account/bid. Who knew this wasn’t the best way to pay for a child’s college education?

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