Trump Takes A Dump On 87 Year Old Woman

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Donald Trump never fails to impress when it comes to corporate greed and arrogance. This time it is a lawsuit in Chicago brought by an 87 year old woman. Jacqueline Goldberg claims that Trump reneged on a revenue sharing deal she signed with Trump when he was selling space at the Trump Hotel in Chicago.

It is up to the legal system to render a decision based on the facts, however in the court of public opinion he will no doubt lose as long as he keeps dumping on an 87 year old woman with these types of comments:

““This is a disgrace,”… “She’s trying to rip me off. She really is. She’s trying to rip me off. She concocted the whole situation.”

Of course Donald is no stranger to accusations of shady dealings when it comes to his property developments. Just read why buyers in the former Trump Tower Tampa are angry or why investors in Canada at the Trump’s International Hotel & Towers in Toronto decided to sue.

So why is this gazillionaire (I’m just playing it safe so he doesn’t sue me for not calling him a billionaire) always having to defend himself against similar charges? Could he be just a one trick pony with his “You’re Fired!” catch phrase and nothing more. A  Ray Stokes character with worse hair & no “I’m not having a laugh“.

Donald Trump represents the worst of America. A narcissistic boor, who rails against welfare but gladly saddles others with debt every time one of his Trump corporations have to file for bankruptcy. All the while he continues to be incredibly cheap when it comes to giving money to charity. Just check out article where they referred to him as The Least Charitable Billionaire….The Donald is a miser, not an “ardent philanthropist.”

So even if Donald prevails against an 87 year old woman in Chicago, this case has shown once again that you can’t buy class and integrity. Thankfully, as he would no doubt bankrupt those two virtues as well.

One thought on “Trump Takes A Dump On 87 Year Old Woman

  1. If I were to abuse the legal system like Trump does wouldn’t I get into trouble. How does he get away with suing anyone who hurts his feelings?

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