The Only Way To Control Bank Fees Is To Not Control Bank Fees (And Have Large Scale “New Job Uncreations”)

CNN Money is reporting that some House Republicans are suggesting that the way to get rid of the new bank fees is to bring back the old bank fees, aka the “debit card swipe fees“.

So someone must pay a fee so long as it is not a top bank executive or ceo? Banks are job creators after all! Except of course for these incidences where there is more than a bit of new “Job Uncreation“:

Bank of America: 324 NYC New Job Uncreations

Bank of America Intends to Have 30,000 New Job Uncreations in the Next 2 Years

Goldman Sachs Announces 1000 Intended New Job Uncreations

NY State Report Estimates 32,000 New Securities Jobs Uncreated Since 2008

Banks Institute New Job Uncreations To Save Executive Bonuses?

JP Morgan Chase Uncreates over 1k New Jobs In the 3rd Quarter. More New Job Uncreations Predicted

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UBS Trader Loses 2 Billion. That’s Billion With a….. “F*(k What Just Happened!”

The reports that UBS trader Kweku Adoboli is accused of creating fraudulent accounts and then, not surprisingly, being less than honest when it came to the accounting side. Total loss around $2,000,000,000 (usd) give or take a few million.

Although there is a “feel good” side to this story since it was actually Mr. Adoboli who finally let his employers know what he was up to.  As such, if you have any accounting experience, can balance a checkbook, or even work an abacus it might be worthwhile to send your resume to the UBS oversight and accounting department.