Pro Tip: Make the Dangerous Supplements in the Form of Candy Cigarettes

According to an article on, some retailers are knowingly selling supplements that have been proven to be dangerous to teens.

One of  the supplements listed was creatine, even though multiple medical organizations have recommended against anyone under the age of 18 consume this body building supplement. Importantly, the evidence is still preliminary according to the studies authors, however, anecdotal evidence suggests it can have serious negative health effects, including liver an kidney damage.

I doubt many of us are surprised by this, as many retailers have failed to put  the interested of our young people first. Anyone remember being able to buy candy cigarettes? Heck, they are probably still available in some form. Then again, if the government just let businesses do as they please, we’d all be better off without all these pesky regulation.

If You See Something, Say Nothing!

1 in 5 corporate whistleblowers experienced some form of retaliation as a result of trying to do the right and ethical thing in fighting corporate corruption according to a report released by the Ethics Resource Center.

So I guess the next time you see someone skimming a little off the top, just make sure to get your cut.

Study Finds Paying Taxes Is For Suckers And Not For Fabulously Wealthy Corporations

According to a report released by the Citizens for Tax Justice the effective tax rate for the 280 most profitable corporations & companies in 2009-2010 was 17.3%, just a bit less than the often touted 35% statutory corporate tax rate. A few interesting corporate tax facts from the report:

Wells Fargo alone managed to get almost 18 billion in corporate tax breaks over the last 3 years.

Pepco Holdings actually had a NEGATIVE tax rate of 56.7% over that three year period. Remember, Pepco Holdings was an extremely profitable company during this time. I wonder why?

The top ten defense contractors watched in shock and awe as their combined tax rate fell from 19.3% in 2008 to 10.3% in 2010.

It is a very interesting report, with much more sad and bad corporate news, so check out the whole thing on the website.