The Todd Starnes Saudi Connection Conspiracy Cover Up

Once again Fox News radio contributor Todd Starnes is apparently attempting to cash in on the paranoia and extreme ignorance of a certain sector in society that seems particularly fond of Fox News, Glenn Beck, and generally speaking all things wacky and white.

Mr. Starnes is cited as a source in a bit of fantasy fiction written by Beck regarding a supposed legitimate connection to a Saudi national and the Boston Marathon bombing. Starnes and the Mother Ship (i.e. Fox News) have removed all links and references to the original article that promotes this bizarre and baseless claim that the US government is somehow covering up for a Saudi citizen.

Unfortunately, the only cover up is by Todd Starnes and Fox News. Here is the Google cache link to the original and now deleted article I’ve re-titled ”Todd Starnes Is a Saudi Terrorist Cover Up Reporter Working With Fox News To Destroy America“.*

Please contact us with articles, links and comments regarding the ways that the “Uncle Tin Tins” of the world are going to spin this to make Starnes, Beck, Fox, and the usual cast of characters look like the righteous victims in this one.

* I hope we don’t get sued for calling Starnes a reporter.

Fox Contributor Todd Starnes Must Despise Ronald Reagan

Conservative commentator Todd Starnes posted a criticism of President Obama’s 2013 Easter Message stating:

 Obama releases 5-sentence Easter statement — says it’s a time for us to “ponder our common values.”
No, sir. It’s about Jesus. Period.

According to Todd, taking the time to “ponder our common values” on Easter is just wrong. As such, he must immediately take a look at President Reagan’s 1983 Easter Address to the nation.

First, President Reagan also mentions this cockamamie “common values” theme  by declaring “we’re linked in time to the ancient origins of our values.” Then Reagan went rogue by mentioning a myriad of other topics that blatantly flaunt Todd’s “It’s about Jesus. Period.” rule for discussing the Easter holiday.

Additional Non-Jesus Mentions From Reagan’s 1983 Easter Radio Address:

  • Polish labor leader Lech Walesa
  • An East German professor, his wife, and two daughters
  • Central America Communist-inspired revolution
  • Sandinista supporters
  • The San Diego based World War II era ship the U.S.S. Hoel
  • Some brush fires burning in two Australian States

Central America, San Diego, & a labor leader… all crazy talk! What part of “It’s about Jesus. Period.” did The Gipper not understand?

Since it was necessary to point out how wrong President Obama was for asking us to  “ponder our common values”, then surely Reagan’s mere mention of the “c-word”(communism) alone in an Easter address deserves Todd’s condemnation.

The country begs of you Todd Starnes to posthumously put President Reagan in his place for so callously forgetting the true meaning of Easter. This holiday should not be used as another excuse for hippie libtards or RINO Reaganites to be spouting off all that “love thy neighbor” nonsense. Jesus wouldn’t want it and most importantly we know Todd Starnes won’t stand for it!

So what’s the next step in righteously righting Reagan’s wrong? Maybe we should start a Todd Starnes Demands An Official Rebuke Of President Reagan petition on Starnes. Jesus. Period!

Fox News Claims Sole Right To Media Bias and Distortion

In a recent series of articles on various contributors have been attempting to point out how the mainstream media is promoting a liberal agenda.

I would call this an extreme case of the pot calling the kettle black but I’m afraid that Fox would just claim that I’m trying to play the race card.