Misogyny Aside, Goldman Sachs Would Throw A Killer Kegger

According to an article by Marie Myung-Ok Lee  in this month’s Atlantic, her experience working at Goldman Sachs was often described by her friends as like a “frat on steroids.” You can read all the sordid details in this excellent piece, however it is difficult to find this type of behavior surprising from a firm who recently released its new lifetime partner list and only 14% of those getting these coveted promotions were women.

While I’m guessing that the type of harassment and gender inequality described in the article is and was not limited to Goldman Sachs, it certainly does nothing to help their already tarnished corporate reputation. Then again, from their perspective, maybe it’s nothing a few shots of Jager and a trip to the local nudie bar can’t fix.

Goldman Sachs Loses Millions But Execs Get Billions!

The Daily Beast is reporting that despite losing hundreds of millions of dollars in the third quarter of 2011, the Goldman Sachs executive compensation bonus fund has still managed to stash away around 10 Billion dollars and counting.

How exactly does a Goldman Sachs’ executive really ever fail?

The Only Way To Control Bank Fees Is To Not Control Bank Fees (And Have Large Scale “New Job Uncreations”)

CNN Money is reporting that some House Republicans are suggesting that the way to get rid of the new bank fees is to bring back the old bank fees, aka the “debit card swipe fees“.

So someone must pay a fee so long as it is not a top bank executive or ceo? Banks are job creators after all! Except of course for these incidences where there is more than a bit of new “Job Uncreation“:

Bank of America: 324 NYC New Job Uncreations

Bank of America Intends to Have 30,000 New Job Uncreations in the Next 2 Years

Goldman Sachs Announces 1000 Intended New Job Uncreations

NY State Report Estimates 32,000 New Securities Jobs Uncreated Since 2008

Banks Institute New Job Uncreations To Save Executive Bonuses?

JP Morgan Chase Uncreates over 1k New Jobs In the 3rd Quarter. More New Job Uncreations Predicted

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Insider Trading: Like Father, Like Son, Like Goldman Sachs

The WSJ.com is reporting that Spencer D. Mindlin allegedly misused his position at Goldman Sachs to let his father, Alfred, know of some information that they used to net $57,000.

Goldman Sachs released a statement claiming that since the trades were conducted using a TD Ameritrade account they had nothing to do with it:

“All of the trading was conducted in private, undisclosed accounts held outside of Goldman Sachs and none of the trading involved client information.”

Not really the strongest defense, but I’ll leave it to the experts at Goldman Sachs to explain the intricacies of insider trading and how they are never involved.