“Harvard Man” Still Gets An “A” For Effort!

Got Into Harvard by Providing False Information & Now Back in Jail

The Harvard Crimson reported that Adam B. Wheeler, aka the guy who falsified his way into Harvard is back in jail after violating the terms of his probation by allegedly submitting a resume stating he had attended Harvard.

Continuing this hoax was not really the smartest move on the part of Mr. Wheeler. What is he – a self-loathing Yale man? Ha! Actually, I can make that joke since I graduated from Yale. Well, that isn’t exactly true, but it is so much easier to just type the four letters in Yale than my actual alma mater which was The University of Phoenix School of TV and VCR Repair.

A quick bit of advice to anyone looking at attending a “for profit” university, you might want to check out your local community college first. If I had done that instead of going to Yale, or as I call it TUoPSoTVaVCRR I wouldn’t be saddled with so much student loan debt that I can’t even afford my own TV or VCR. Thankfully the shelter lets me tinker with theirs after hours.