Human Rights Violations, Environmental Destruction & A Coke With A Smile!

According to a report of an article in the Financial Times, Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent had a few choice words to say about US tax laws and how the US does business.

After reading the Financial Times article, CEO Muhtar Kent seems to be inferring that the United States should model its business laws and practices after China.

Coke CEO Kent stated, “It’s like a well-managed company, China,”.

Does Mr. Kent think that human rights abuses, and lax enforcement of environmental and labor laws is part of what makes a company well managed?

Please enjoy a lukewarm glass of tap water while looking over some articles and sites that discuss Coca-Cola’s presence in China and the rest of the world. NO, NOT THAT KIND OF COKE! Rather it is the dangerous kind of coke, the one you drink out of a can. Discusses allegations of prison labor used in China by Coca-Cola.  Always follow the money. Coke CEO Muhtar Kent is talking up China while also discussing more investment in China. An interesting, i.e. depressing article regarding the alleged use of prison labor by Coca-Cola in China. Reports on  Coca-Cola’s alleged human rights violations in Colombia. “Criticism from Wikipedia”. Drink some more of that now tepid tap water as it is a long but interesting read.

Please submit any links, news or info on the Coca-Cola Corporation, CEO Muhtar Kent, or most importantly a cola I can drink and not feel like a bad person.

I hope that this CEO understands that “Coke Points” don’t constitute a living wage nor do they pay the mortgage(or if they do in your situation, please contact me as I am trying to pitch some stories for a revival of the eighties hit show “That’s Incredible!“).

Mr. Kent, even if you don’t want to do the patriotic thing, please do the humanitarian thing and rethink your position regarding the way you speak of and act when doing business in China.