Full Tilt Poker Is A Ponzi Scheme. Not Surprising That Jesus Was On Top

According to CNN.com the Justice Department has charged Full Tilt Poker(FTP) with diverting over $400 million in player winnings to board members and celebrity players including Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Howard Lederer.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara states:

Full Tilt Poker and its board, including Lederer and Ferguson, “defrauded players by misrepresenting that their funds on deposit in online gambling accounts were safe, secure, and available for withdrawal at any time.”

Now Mr. Ferguson, I’ve lost the faith, as this doesn’t sound very “Christ Like”. Did Judas know all along that Jesus was a cheat? Sign up now at JudasPoker.com(enter code: “whoisthebackstabbernow” for a 50% bonus).