Orange Boehner Fears Turning Grover Blue

Republican House Speaker John Boehner again expressed his unwillingness to raise taxes and anger his puppeteer Grover Norquist. Conservative lobbyist Norquist is the head of Americans For Tax Reform, which is an organization most famous for the its Taxpayer Protection Pledge which almost all congressional Republicans have signed.

By signing this pledge, Republicans are required to oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal tax rate on businesses or individuals regardless of need, necessity, or common sense. Should a signee choose to violate this agreement they can no doubt look forward to facing the full fury and financial resources of Grover Norquist’s ATR, ensuring an extremely difficult reelection campaign.

Tucker Carlson’s Race Bait and Video Switch

Tucker Carlson’s tabloid site The Daily Caller tried to drum up a little controversy last night by releasing a “new video” that they claimed would change the election. Unfortunately, this was a complete bait and switch as the video was five years old. It also contained absolutely nothing new or of interest to anyone who is not trying to win this election through race baiting and fear mongering.