Misogyny Aside, Goldman Sachs Would Throw A Killer Kegger

According to an article by Marie Myung-Ok Lee  in this month’s Atlantic, her experience working at Goldman Sachs was often described by her friends as like a “frat on steroids.” You can read all the sordid details in this excellent piece, however it is difficult to find this type of behavior surprising from a firm who recently released its new lifetime partner list and only 14% of those getting these coveted promotions were women.

While I’m guessing that the type of harassment and gender inequality described in the article is and was not limited to Goldman Sachs, it certainly does nothing to help their already tarnished corporate reputation. Then again, from their perspective, maybe it’s nothing a few shots of Jager and a trip to the local nudie bar can’t fix.

Orange Boehner Fears Turning Grover Blue

Republican House Speaker John Boehner again expressed his unwillingness to raise taxes and anger his puppeteer Grover Norquist. Conservative lobbyist Norquist is the head of Americans For Tax Reform, which is an organization most famous for the its Taxpayer Protection Pledge which almost all congressional Republicans have signed.

By signing this pledge, Republicans are required to oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal tax rate on businesses or individuals regardless of need, necessity, or common sense. Should a signee choose to violate this agreement they can no doubt look forward to facing the full fury and financial resources of Grover Norquist’s ATR, ensuring an extremely difficult reelection campaign.

KitchenAid Has Twitter Followers?

Sure some slacker forgot to log out of the KitchenAid account before sending a tweet about the President’s dead grandmother. Who cares? The big story here is that KitchenAid actually has thousands of Twitter followers. What blender news could they possibly be tweeting in 140 characters or less that 25,000 people feel the need to instantly know. Then again, at last check CorporateMal had ~6 Twitter followers, so be on the look out for our upcoming expose on the hidden dangers of “brownie batter splatter.”

Tucker Carlson’s Race Bait and Video Switch

Tucker Carlson’s tabloid site The Daily Caller tried to drum up a little controversy last night by releasing a “new video” that they claimed would change the election. Unfortunately, this was a complete bait and switch as the video was five years old. It also contained absolutely nothing new or of interest to anyone who is not trying to win this election through race baiting and fear mongering.


Fox News Claims Sole Right To Media Bias and Distortion

In a recent series of articles on FoxNews.com various contributors have been attempting to point out how the mainstream media is promoting a liberal agenda.

I would call this an extreme case of the pot calling the kettle black but I’m afraid that Fox would just claim that I’m trying to play the race card.

Groupon Should Offer 50% Off SEC Fines

The WSJ.com reported  that Groupon is being investigated for unusual stock trading activity right before the company released positive financial information. The stock actually rose 18.5% percent from its previous close and trading volume was around 4 times the 30 day average just before the good news was released to the public. It is still not clear if the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) is going to investigate this possible corporate financial irregularity.

Will Trump Demand To See Golf’s Scottish Birth Certificate?

Check out the trailer below for the new documentary You’ve Been Trumped by director Anthony Baxter. It chronicles Trump’s company’s building of a golf course(s) and resort  against the wishes of the Scottish locals in an environmentally sensitive area that has been called “Scotland’s Rain Forest.”

Ironically, the whole project may come to a grinding halt because of a proposed offshore wind farm that Trump has described as “an ugly industrial park directly off the shoreline.” I guess Trump feels that he has first dibs on “uglying up” the unspoiled shoreline. While the merits of wind farms can be debated, is this the real reason for him threatening to stop the project or is he just looking to save face for another failed and bad business venture?

Rick Perry Determined To Receive A GOP “Certificate of Participation”

After struggling to receive 1% of the vote in both Iowa and New Hampshire and early polling in South Carolina not trending positively, it is now clear that Texas Governor Rick Perry is more committed than ever to receiving a GOP Presidential Nominee “Certificate of Participation”. CorporateMal.com believes that politician Perry will have to make it through the Florida primary on January 31st to qualify for this certificate.

If You See Something, Say Nothing!

1 in 5 corporate whistleblowers experienced some form of retaliation as a result of trying to do the right and ethical thing in fighting corporate corruption according to a report released by the Ethics Resource Center.

So I guess the next time you see someone skimming a little off the top, just make sure to get your cut.

Boeing Flexes Their Job Creator Muscles By Laying Off 2,160 Workers

Boeing Corporation announced that they will shut down their Wichita, Kansas business operations by the end of 2013 resulting in the loss of 2,160 jobs. Of course what choice did they really have after only making $3.3 billion in 2010 and handing out $19.7 million in compensation to CEO James McNerney.

As long as we have “job creators” like Boeing helping the economy, how can anyone criticize the top 1%?